Tips to Survive Finals Week

By , December 4, 2014 2:32 pm

Many of us know the trials and tribulations of the dreaded finals week. It’s like the Hunger Games of College, where every student must fend for themselves in the ultimate battle determining our GPA’s. It’s one of the few times of the semester, when all of your tests, projects, and presentations are due all at once, and the stress of it all is enough to drive anyone crazy. Avoid the padded white wall room and follow these few tips and tricks to surviving finals.

  1. Time Management: Apply this tip to your entire four years of college, but it is most important during finals. All of your work is piled into one week, so make sure you analyze which tests or projects are the most important and the most time consuming. Papers and presentations usually take up more physical time than just studying, so try to finish those first. Then focus on your tests that will prove most challenging. Even if it is your very last final, the extra studying will come in handy. Don’t wait until the night or hour before.
  1. Sleep is Key: Believe me when I say pulling an all-nighter during finals week is a bad idea. The human body requires rest in order for the brain to function properly, and nothing looks worse than falling asleep during that 100 question biology final. You have all day to study and prepare, so use the night as your escape from reality. Wake-up early if you have to, but get a proper amount of sleep. The more you sleep the more you can accomplish.
  1. Avoid Distractions: As I mentioned in the NaNoWriMo Tips blog, the world is full of distractions. Whenever you are preparing for a long study session put your phone on silent and out of sight. Avoid the temptation of Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
  1. Take Breaks: Avoid distractions, but don’t spend too much time staring at your textbook. The brain can grow tired of the same information over and over again, and after a while you stop comprehending. It is good to take a short break every couple of hours in order give your head a rest. Time your breaks; eat a granola bar, walk around, grab some coffee, and return to your studies. Try not to get on your phone or social media, because once you log onto YouTube to watch a video, three hours of your life just seem to disappear.
  1. Find the Method: Everyone has different ways of learning and studying, but use the method that works best for you and ignore everyone else’s ways. If your friend wants to have a group study session, but you know you are easily distracted in crowded environments, then kindly decline. Ask yourself these questions when determining the best method: do you like quiet environments? Then study alone the silence of your room or the library, where people are forced to be silent. Do you feel more comfortable in stimulated environments? Try doing group work, or attending study sessions if the professor offers them. If that doesn’t work, then try listening to music while you work. There is a technique for everyone, but make sure you find it before finals.
  1. Breathe: There will be stress and sometimes tears, but it’s important to remain calm and positive. You won’t get anywhere if you are constantly thinking of failing or making mistakes. Trust that you will do well, and you will. Remember your best effort is all that really matters. If all of that doesn’t ease your mind, just think; everyone else is suffering too.



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