Working at UPNG: A Semester of Reflection

By , December 11, 2014 1:57 pm

             press picOn my first day at the University Press of North Georgia I felt very lost, very insecure of my abilities. I had never worked at a place that involved my skills as an English major, and the daunting expectation to do well kept growing and growing as I approached the office. But when I stepped inside, I realized that all my worries were for nothing. The press was not a place I had to fear or anticipate. I discovered soon it was a friendly, easy-going, comforting environment, where I could express myself and learn as well.

            Any normal day at the press for me includes research peer reviewing or editing works, writing reader’s reports on submitted titles, or just running errands, but my favorite task is writing the blogs. It’s my dream to be a writer, to express my emotions and opinions through words. I’ve always wanted to start my own personal blog, but sadly I’ve never had the time or opportunity. Writing for the press is almost a dream come true. I get paid to write about things I enjoy sharing with the community including, movie and book reviews, writing tips, and even reflection pieces like this blog. Not only is it a fun way to spend time at work, but it is also a learning experience. My skills improve everyday by writing these blogs, and by reviewing the revised versions, I am able to see both my mistakes and success. Needless to say, I would never accomplish any of this without the help of the editors and other interns.

The more experienced staff members have trained me and guided me through any confusion, and I have learned more editing and grammar skills than I could ever learn from a textbook. I’m the youngest employee, but I’m treated and respected like any other senior employee or editor. Normally, you would think publishing companies go by a hierarchy, and in most cases that might be true. However, at the press that hierarchy blends into a fun work atmosphere, where the staff can be both friends and co-workers

There isn’t a moment of my first semester here the press that I would change. Every day I wake up excited and motivated to work, but none of that enthusiasm would be possible if I worked at bleak and boring publications office. The University Press offers me everything a student could ask for in an internship: support, experience, and laughter; I could not be more thankful for the opportunity. I am looking forward to my future here, and hope to learn more and about publishing as a business while also refining my skills as a writer and editor.

A special thanks to the entire staff for inspiring and pushing me to do my best every day.




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