Free Peak–Stonepile Writers’ Anthology, Vol. II — Butterfly House

By , February 17, 2012 3:36 pm

Butterfly House

by Miriam Rainwater

Inside the butterfly house
A dim, worrisome silence
With a giddy cry
For relief.

The butterflies’ batting wings
Brush against each other
Begging to be let out
And know peace.

The walls that held them in
Feel their tension.
Causing the house to shake
With fears.

Words tumble out of the chimney
Of the haunted house.
All the other houses in the neighborhood
Are watching.

And then the moment ends—
The butterflies rest,
The house settles down
To recover.

Inside the butterfly house
A bright, peaceful silence.
The student’s form relaxes—
Presentation complete.

This poem was reprinted from The Stonepile Writers’ Anthology, Vol. II with the Author’s permission.  For information on how to order The Stonepile Writers’ Anthologies, click here.

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