Poetry Facing Uncertainty

By , May 15, 2013 12:26 pm

PFU_CoverPoetry Facing Uncertainty is a collection of poems from eleven up and coming Spanish language poets who hail from all over the Spanish-speaking world. Each poem has been translated into English by Gordon E. McNeer. Poets included are: Carlos J. Aldazábal (Argentina), Alí Calderon (Mexico), Andrea Cote (Columbia), Federico Díaz-Granados (Colombia), Damsi Figueroa (Chili), Jorge Galán (El Salvador), Raquel Lanseros (Spain), Daniel Rodríguez Moya (Spain), Francisco Ruiz Udiel (Nicaragua), Fernando Valverde (Spain), and Ana Wajszczuk (Argentina).


“Selecting a preposition at the moment of choosing a title for a book, something that seen in passing would seem unsubstantial, implies from the start a moral stance at a moment in history enriched with uncertainty. The expression ‘Poetry Facing Uncertainty,’ and not against uncertainty, outlines a desire to make things clear with the most ordinary of tools. There is among these poets a dialogue with uncertainty, a conversation that doesn’t depart from the assertion against which Zarathustra forewarned: ‘to stir the waters to seem profound,’ something there is a lot of in recent lyrical tendencies that, without worlds to express, hide behind a veil of words. Without it being programmed material, these poets are united by renunciation, research and encounters with the precise word in the immense haystack of our language. But not through its demystifying and everyday nature does this poetry abandon its rigor. What these poets are not drawn to is the esoteric, that ancient legacy of the one who drowned in his own reflection, in the waters of his own bedazzlement. ‘Poetry is something that walks about in the street,’ García Lorca used to say. Many of these poems are born in the street and flow out into the book in a gesture that builds bridges between intimacy and inclemency, between the inner and the outer focus that has man at its center, his desires and misfortunes.”

–Juan Manuel Roca

* * *

“A few hours ago I finished reading this exceptional anthology, and I still feel invaded by its freshness, by its excellence. Each one of the poets that forms part of it searches how to communicate, how to merge with the reader, to be transparent without being frivolous, without neglecting its form, how to be rigorous with their words and to communicate their experiences, their emotions. The poems move us, force us to reflect, open doors for us.”

–Claribel Alegría


Title: Poetry Facing Uncertainty
Price:  $24.95
ISBN: 978-0-9882237-0-7

Purchase now on Amazon.com: http://www.amazon.com/Poetry-Facing-Uncertainty-Gordon-McNeer/dp/0988223708/

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