Stonepile Writers’ Anthology, Volume III

By , August 4, 2014 9:27 am

Stonepile Cover“Out of the hollers and rolling ridges, these pages sing strong and true with a rare energy both authentic as red clay and mystical as the southern soul’s condition. Fine writing that rings true and tender as a parable and then skirts off down a path crooked as a fish tale, I couldn’t put it down till the last page.” — Kimberly Brock, Author of The River Witch

Including selections from notable southern authors like 2012 Georgia Author of the Year winner Ann Hite and many others, the third installment of the Stonepile Writers’ Anthology is the strongest, yet. The collection includes both the multifaceted poetry and prose of authors from all over the Southern Appalachian region.

“In Appalachia, place matters. It forms who we are as well as who we are not, the vessel for kindness as well as the cauldron for hatred. Where is your place? And what is your place in that place? Among these poems and stories, you may discover just that.” — Rosann Kent, Director of the Georgia Appalachian Studies Center


Janice Alonso, John Arkwright, Dara Bergmann, Carol Chester, Jon Dahlstrom, Barbara Decker, Rosemary Dixon, Bill Early, Eugene Elander, Elaine Randall English, Ann Gillespie, Jameson Gregg, Ann Hite, Lynda Holmes, Lyn Hopper, DuAnne Kaiser, Anju Kanwar, Robert King, Monique Kluczykowski, Tonette Long, Corin McDonald, Gordon McNeer, Corey Parson, Fran Porter, Tina Rambin, Francie Smith Rountree, Ivy Rutzky, Tommye Scanlin, Caleb Schrader, Hannah Schrader, Don Stockwell, Louis Sturiale, Nancy Sturtevant, Alvaro Torres-Calerdon & Fenton Gardner, Tim Westover, Shane Wilson, Leslie Worthington, Patrick Brehe, Marilla Kennell.

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