Stonepile Writers’ Anthology, Volume I

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“An unexpected addition to my collection of works that I read over and over again.  The stories, essays, and poems of The Stonepile Writers’ Anthology provide provocatove reflections of our common human experience.”  – Joyce Stavick, co-editor of The Artist as Activist in Appalachia

Stonepile Gap is the supposed burial site of Trahlyta, a Cherokee Indian princess. Passersby customarily drop a stone on the grave for good luck. The Stonepile Writers’  Anthology is a collection of poems, short stories, memoirs, and prose by writers in the North Georgia community. This Anthology is inspired by and pays tribute to Dahlonega’s Stonepile Writers Group, a creative writing group that meets the first Thursday of every month.  Begun in 2007, the Stonepile Writers comprise a disparate group of local business people, instructors, lawyers, students, and more, all of whom share the creative impulse through their critique writing workshops.

“This Stonepile Writers’ Anthology represents a collection of some of the best of North Georgia writing. Introspective, relevant, sad, and warmly humorous, these works cover a range of human insight and expectation that will resonate long after the reader has closed the book.” – Brian Jay Corrigan, Georgia Author of the Year, 2006


Lyn Hopper, Tonette Long, J. Leigh Hamilton, Eugene Elander, Tommye McClure Scanlin, Carol A. Chester,  D. Taylor Smith, Dara M. Bergmann,  Marilyn Oberhausen, Lynda Holmes, Troy Catterson, Miriam Rainwater, Lu Han,Brian Baker,  April Nicole Loebick, Alvaro Torres-Calderón, Matthew Pardue, Stacy Sanford, Billy Roper, C.L. Parson,  Jonathon Greene, John Arkwright, Kelly DeLong, Anju Kanwar, Barbara Seaton, Robert Fuller, Steven Brehe, Patrick Brehe, Maureen Gregg, Jameson Gregg, Trish Hawkins, Britta Hallberg, Julie Winslett, Brandon Elrod, Patti Mills, Lynda Holmes

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