Stonepile Writers’ Anthology, Volume II

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SWAII_frontcoverThe name for the Stonepile Writers’ Group comes from Stonepile Gap, located at the intersection of US 19 and SR 60.  In the center of the intersection, a large pile of stones marks the burial site of Trahlyta, a legendary Cherokee princess. Even today, passersby stop to add a stone to bring good fortune.  The group’s name pays respect to the history of North Georgia while also representing “a building place that may be temporary as a pi9le of rocks, but it is of solid material and composed of individual contributions,” according to Alice Sampson, Director of the Appalachian Studies Center.



Rebecca Holohan, Ann Kuykendall Gillespie, Patricia Percival, Tonette Long, Ivy Rutzky, Miriam Rainwater, Brigit & Eugene Elander, Alvaro Torres-Calderon, Glenda Barrett,  Zandra Loggins, Scott Owens, Malcolm Wilkinson, Carol Chester, Lyn Hopper, Lynda Holmes, Bill Early, Gordon E. McNeer, D. Taylor Smith, DuAnne Kaiser, Francie Smith Rountree, Lauren Pass, Kathryn Hinds, Dara M. Bergmann, Patrick Brehe,  Don Stockwell, Janice Alonso,  Mark Bromberg, Julianna Ramsey, Marilyn Oberhausen, J.V. Winslett, Stephen Brotherton, Brandon Elrod, Roni Brown, Diana Anhalt, David Broad,  Robert King, David Dillard-Wright, Tommye McClure Scanlin, Jameson Gregg


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