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Billy Roper: Visual Storyteller

Billy Roper: Visual Storyteller, the book accompanying the January-February 2007 exhibition of the same name, explores the intrinsic link between the visual and the verbal in Roper’s art, and the notion of his paintings as a form of visual storytelling. Billy Roper and his art was the lead article in the February 2008 issue of Southern Living magazine.

Both the exhibition and the book were generously funded by the Appalachian Studies Center, the University Press of North Georgia, the Nix Family Living Heritage Fund, and the Buisson Family Foundation.

Billy Roper is a contemporary North Georgia painter and sculptor whose art is held in collections around the United States. Based upon traditions found in Appalachian vernacular and mainstream art forms, Roper works in a variety of formats and styles in two- and three-dimensional media. His subject matter ranges from minutiae of his childhood memories to contemplations on his cultural heritage, and from an accounting of the day’s events to reflections on the nature and meaning of life.

Billy Roper: Visual Storyteller

Roper’s paintings offer him a means of twice telling a story: on the front, in the form of a visual representation; and on the back, as a written narrative. He sees the two as complementary, and does not consider one to be a complete telling of his story without the other. The combination of visual and written narrative in Roper’s art broadens our knowledge and understanding of his art and artistic intentions, and of the artistic traditions he and his work spring from. The emphasis on the verbal in Roper’s art coincides with current popular and scholarly interests in storytelling and oral histories as vehicles for preserving personal, family, and regional biographies that are generally omitted from conventional approaches to documenting history. Storytelling is an integral part of Appalachian culture and is often key in the work of artists from the region; its importance has been examined at length in the religious and visionary work of such artists as Howard Finster.

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