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Chestatee Building


The University Press of North Georgia is a department under the Office of the Vice President of Executive Affairs at University of North Georgia. Our offices are located on the Third floor of the Chestatee Building, Rooms 385 and 359, on the NGU Dahlonega Campus, right off of Dahlonega’s Historic Square.

Mission Statement

Motto: Local is global.

The University Press of North Georgia, a scholarly, peer-reviewed press, is an extension of our sponsoring university, University of North Georgia. Our primary function is to promote education and research, with a special emphasis on local and global cultures. Culture is defined in the broadest sense of the term to include intellectual and artistic activity as well as shared community. Our partnership with the university provides a learning environment for students to gain real life experiences in publishing and marketing.

Our structure comprises two boards, an editorial (mainly students) and a faculty. The Faculty Board has final approval over manuscript acquisitions and projects, after the Editorial Board has reached all its press decisions. This collaborative effort again offers our students real life experiences in publishing and marketing.


Dahlonega Gold Museum


Bonnie J. Robinson, Director, BJ.Robinson@ung.edu
Corey Parson, Managing Editor, Corey.Parson@ung.edu
James Hinds, Editor and Research Assistant, James.Hinds@ung.edu
Matthew Pardue, Papers and Publications Editor, Matthew.Pardue@ung.edu
Barbara Seaton, UPNG Web Coordinator, Department of Information Technology

Faculty Advisory Board

Rosann Kent, Acquisitions Consultant
Timothy May, Editor-in-Chief of the War and Leadership Series, timothy.May@ung.edu
Jon Mehlferber, UPNG Graphic Designer
Joyce Stavick, Acquisitions Consultant

Faculty Board

Alvaro Torres-Calderon, Department of Modern Languages
Amy Burger, Library Services
Barbara Seaton, University Relations
Barry Whittemore, Department of History and Philosophy
Ben Wynne, Department of History, Anthropology, and Philosophy
Betsy Whitley, Library Services
BJ Robinson, Grants and Contracts
Brad Baily, Department of Mathematics
Brian Mann, Department of Modern Languages
Bryson Payne, Chief Information Officer, Department of Information Technology
Carolynn DeSandre, Department of Nursing
Clay Ouzts, Department of History, Anthropology, and Philosophy
David Connolly, Department of History and Philosophy
Deborah Prosser, Head of Library Services
Elisa Carlson, Department of Theatre
Elizabeth Combier, Department of Modern Languages
Gordon McNeer, Department of Modern Languages
Jennifer Formwalt, Department of Modern Languages
Joe Covert, Department of Education, Science Education
Jon Mehlferber, Department of Visual Arts
Joyce Stavick, Department of English
Katie Morales, Department of Nursing
Kelley Roberts,  Office of Grants and Contracts
Kelly Cate, Department of Psychology and Sociology
Kenneth Habecker, Department of Modern Languages
Linda Reece, Department of Education, Social Studies Education
Lisa Diehl, Department of English
Maria Calatayud, Department of Modern Languages
Mary Carney, Center for Teaching, Learning, and Leadership
Monique Kluczykowski, Department of English
Naima Bary, Department of Modern Languages
Natalie Hyslop, Department of Biology
Paul Baldwin, Department of Education, Science Education
Ron Martz, Department of English
Rosann Kent, Department of Appalachian Studies
Sanghee Choi, Department of Education, Science Education
Sharon Chalmers, Department of Nursing
Stephanie Songer, Department of Biology
Tae Choo, Department of Criminal Justice
Tanya Bennett, Department of English
Thomas Preston, Department of Communication, Media and Journalism
Tony Zschau, Department of Psychology and Sociology

Fall 2014 Student Workers/Interns

Molly Morelock
Amy Beard

Price Memorial

Submission Process: A manuscript submitted to our press is first reviewed by our student editorial board, staff, faculty acquisition consultants, and institution-based readers (See our Submission Guidelines HERE). If it qualifies for publication by our press, the titles are submitted to the Faculty Board for preliminary review and approval for outside reading. The editors coordinate outside review, the procedure for which is as follows: scholarly manuscripts are forwarded to two outside readers (who are experts in corresponding fields) for peer review. If the first two reviews agree, this opinion will be presented for approval by our Faculty Board. If the first two reviews differ, a third peer review is obtained. If the author is asked to revise his/her manuscript, the final manuscript is reviewed by one of the first two readers for approval and is then subject to final approval by the Faculty Board.

Contact Information
University Press of North Georgia
University of North Georgia
P.O. Box 5032
Dahlonega, GA  30597

Telephone: 706-864-1556
Fax: 706-864-1485
E-mail:  upng@ung.edu

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